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More categories are here as based on good facts about religions

  1. Misconceptions about Buddhism
  2. Misconceptions about Christianity
  3. Misconceptions about Hinduism
  4. Misconceptions about Islam
  5. Misconceptions about Jainism
  6. Misconceptions about Sikhism
  7. Misconceptions about Buddhism

Something – Misconceptions about Religions:

This section of Misconceptions about has been made in view of bringing all the best of the things about all religions. There are always confusions about religions in a broad sense. For an example Hinduism is always supposed to be a religion full of idol worshipers, Does Islam permit a man to marry more than 1 wife?, Why do sages in Jainism remain naked?, Is Sikhism a religion?, Was Jesus son of god or god himself?, Why do Hindus celebrate lots of festivals all the time?, What is a difference between Shias and Sunis?, Does Islam promote terrorism? and all. 

These are issues which always create a great confusion in the mindset of people, especially those who don’t belong to a particular religion for an example someone who follows Hinduism, his point of view towards Islam or vice versa. 

We as www.kushanews.com have taken this initiative to spread  the feelings of true brotherhood among the society. A society where no one should hate others, a society where everyone should have a true feeling of love towards others, a society where all must think for the welfare of others. This is the supreme priority of www.kushanews.com

If you want to be one of the members in our noble mission, you can also make your presence felt on www.kushanews.com 

Thanks a lot 

From: Ajay Bhatia (Chief Editor

For any suggestions or complaints, we are always open to hear anything from you on kushanews@gmail.com

Note: These all the misconceptions about religion like Hindus, Islam, Christianity topics etc are available on the bottom of Home page, same page as you are reading now.